The year is 5717. 82 years after the collapse of the third imperium of Humanity. 69 years before the start of the campaign a sentient computer virus was released by one of the factions of the shattered empire as a weapon. The virus spread faster and more virulently than anticipated turning all technology it encountered into homicidally insane sentient machines. This lead to the withdrawal of all peoples back to defended locations in the galaxy where they could hide from the onslaught of the machines and prevent the spread and complete and total loss of all technology. Causing the collapse of technological development causing most worlds to fall back to pre-industrial technology levels. Although some areas managed to defend themselves from the attacking machines to forge small pocket empires dotted through the wilds of known space. The largest of these pocket empires became known as the regency. In the last two decades the attacks from the virus infected ships have dwindled in number to the point where no further attacks are taking place. The Regency has begun a campaign of careful expansion back into previously inhabited space discovering planets once abandoned to the ravages of the machines in order to integrate these old planets into the new Regency. Into this universe and ragtag bunch of criminals, mercenaries and business men have used their accumulated wealth and influence to purchase a star ship The Venture. What lies ahead, wealth, adventure, exploration, hope and new horizons?


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