Nikoloz Hiraku Cronus (DECEASED)

Research Doctor, PhD in Genetics.


Age: 51
Race: Human
Homeworld: Shushaka
Homeworld Data:-
Starport: A
Size: Large
Atmosphere: Standard
Hydrographics: Water
Gravity: 2.4G
Population: Low
Government: Low
Law Level: Moderate
Tech Level: High Stellar

Str: 6
Agl: 4
Con: 7
Int: 9
Edu: D
Chr: 6
Psi: A
Soc: 9

Initiative: 3

Derived Values:-
Weight: 96kg
Load: 39kg
Throw Range: 26m
UCD: 3

Hit Capacity (Base):-

Head: 14
Chest: 39
Abdomen: 26
Right Arm: 26
Left Arm: 26
Right Leg: 26
Left Leg: 26


4 Government
2 Academic
1 Medical
1 Psyonic
1 Military
1 Intelegence


Dr. Cronus was a psyonic researcher. He was always pretty good at his job. He spent many years on his homeworld studying the deep sea demons of Shushaka. Psyonics were not Cronus’ first field of study, nor the one he excelled at most. Dr. Cronus got his doctorate in genetics and became one of the leading genetisists in the known galaxy. Indeed this understanding of genetics and the overlap with psyonic reasearch into the biological makeup of the psyonic person is what made him most valuable to the Psi Institute.

Dr. Cronus always longed for adventure. Although the adventure of understanding the very building blocks of hunanity was almost enough adventure for him, it was not quite enough. Although he did have a side project in anti aging medicines. This is why Dr. Cronus never looked over 30. Dr. Cronus did get some more adventurous jobs from the Institute from time to time. He worked several jobs as a spy. He’d work undercover in a lab then covertly copy a few files here, write down a few access codes there. It was a thrill for him and he like to consider himself an excellent operative.

After what for many would be a long and productive carear the doctor decided to take extended leave. It was understood that the Institute might ask him to do a few jobs but otherwise he was cleared to leave. Dr. Cronus took to enjoying the galaxy as a gentleman of leisure. It was on one such cruise that he met a fellow geneticist and the one man that would through their actions stop Dr. Cronus being remembered as the galaxys greatest geneticist. That man was Dr. Plisket.

-—- A whole load of stuff -———

Currently dead. As a result of this Dr. Cronus has stepped down as First Officer. He continues to serve as Medical Officer. Dr. Cronus is searching for a cure for his condition.

Dr. Cronus is now irrevocably dead. One of the crew decided that Dr. Cronus was a witch. This in a manner is understandable. The crewman in question came from a backwater superstition filled planet and Dr. Cronus was the walking dead and was using psyonic powers on a regular basis. Dr. Cronus was hacked into little bits by a savage with a machete. It happens.

Nikoloz Hiraku Cronus (DECEASED)

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