Milo Firenze

Greatest fighter pilot alive.


Milo Firenze knows he is a damn good pilot, the best damn pilot even, in or out of atmosphere. Which is why being passed over time and again for promotion by the navy pissed him off so much, sure he was reckless and undisciplined, but he deserved recognition for his skills.

So he did what came naturally, he gave the navy the finger, went A.W.O.L. in “his” fighter and joined up with a band of corsairs. He spent some time “privateering” out there, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. He and the corsairs he flew with were captured and Milo was imprisoned for his crimes.

During his time on the prison station Milo became friends with Tarban Novak. A big psychopathic guy who for some reason found Milo amusing. During a riot on the prison station Milo noticed something amiss with the wall readers and tickers, they were giving directions to someone. He brought it to Novak’s attention and they went to investigate during the chaos.

What they found was another band of prisoners making a breakout. So Milo and Novak watched them disable the guards all through their route and escape aboard their own vessel. When the coast was clear, Milo and Novak stole one of the police cruisers and made good their dash for freedom.

They sold the cruiser to an underworld contact of Milo’s and bought passage on a private vessel. During the journey they were to disable the crew and take charge, but novak went nuts and killed most of the crew. in fact the only survivor was William Giscerd, who stayed out of the fighting and said he was willing to work for whoever was running the ship, he didn’t care as long as he got paid.

Unfortunately none of them were very skilled at making jumps and they nearly died after running out of supplies on an abnormally long jump.

The crew that came to salvage this drifting vessel discovered that the three men were just barely alive sat around or slumped over a poker table. Like the fates had been smiling upon them, the salvaging crew turned out to be the other group of prisoners Milo and Novak had seen escaping. It turned out they were pretty short staffed on their vessel and after getting the survivors to a station for hospital treatment, they were offered employment on The Venture.

Milo Firenze

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