Jebediah 'Jeb' Arison (DECEASED)

Simple Farm Boy Turned Soldier Turned Law Man.

Age: 41
Race: Human
Homeworld Data: –
Homeworld: Bothgodor
Starport: X
Size: Medium
Atmosphere: Thin (Tainted)
Hydrographics: Wet
Gravity: 1.2G
Population: Low
Government: Moderate
Law Level: Moderate
Tech Level: Pre-Industrial
Str: 9 Agl: 4 Con: 6 Int: 5 Edu: 5 Chr: 8 Psi: 7 Soc: 7
Initiative: 4
Str: 9 Agl: 4 Con: 6 Int: 5
Unarmed Martial Arts 6 Stealth 4 Climbing 2 Survival 2
Armed Martial Arts: Large Blade 7 Intrusion 2 Combat Engineer 1 Willpower 4
Slug Weapon: Rifle 2 Pickpocket 1 Environment Suit 3 Streetwise 1
Mechanics 2 Machinist 2 Zero-G Environment 2 Tracking 1
Energy Weapon: Rifle 9 Grav Belt 3 Ground Tactics 3
Heavy Weapon: Grenade Launcher 3 Pilot: Grav Interface 1 Gambling 3
Observation 1
Edu: 5 Chr: 8 Psi: 7 Contacts
Communications 1 Persuasion 2 Telephysics: Pyro 2 Criminal 1
Computer 1 Language: Varger 2 Telepathy: Project Emotions 2 Technician 1
Electronics 1 Leadership 4 Teleport Military 4
Starship Architecture 1 Self: P.E. Strength 2 Law Enforcement 1
Gunnery: Energy Weapons 1 Teleperception: Sense 2
Ships Engineering 2
Screens: Sandcasters 3
Derived Values: –
Weight: 100kg Load: 45kg
Throw Range: 36m UCD: 5
Hit Capacity:-
Scratch Base Serious Critical
Head: 6 12 18 24+
Chest: 20 41 61 82+
Abdomen: 14 28 42 56+
Right Arm: 14 28 42 56+
Left Arm: 14 28 42 56+
Right Leg: 14 28 42 56+
Left Leg: 14 28 42 56+

My name is Jeb Arison, Son of Jobe Arison and Mary-Anne Arison, formerly Erodite.

I grew up on a horse ranch an only child, I never really knew my father, he was murdered at the age of 21, when I was but 3 years old, my mother was still just 19 years old when she was left to raise me and run the ranch. We were lucky we got to keep the ranch as not only is it unusual for women in these parts to own property, but the town elder ruled in favour of my fathers killers. The story is that they agreed to buy a dozen foals and half a dozen stallions, they claimed the the stallions had been gelded and that the foals were impure and mutie. They say they killed my father as a cheat and thief and destroyed the horses to keep them out of circulation, they had demanded the ranch as compensation, but the elder decided that since they had lost naught but the fuel it took to burn the bodies of the animals and we had lost a father and a husband, it was unfair to take our home and only livelihood too. The truth is they wanted to not only have the horses without paying for them, but they wanted to take our business too.

Growing up was tough, ma needed a lot of help around the ranch, many men refused to work for our family after the incident with my father, let alone for a woman, but she still made me go to school to learn my numbers and letters. I got into a lot of fights over the years, defending my fathers name and with working the ranch for as long as I can remember, I grew to be strong in body. Having grown up with just me and ma, I got the know the mind of women quite well, and managed to charm my way between the legs of quite a few girls, their boyfriends(and sometimes husbands) didn’t like this and was the other cause of many of the fights I got into.

As a result of one of those fights, I managed to amuse the head of one of the biggest families, the Santiago family in our town, he wanted me to work for him and offered to provide my ma with 3 workers to replace me, if I agreed. I took him up on the offer as we were struggling badly as we were and this would give me some freedom.

My work was primarily collecting payments, but sometimes I was called upon to deliver punishment for opposing my boss. I managed to impress Mr Santiago with my ability to manipulate people with and without violence after a couple of years, I was given the job to train people to use my methods. Mr Santiago soon became the head one of the biggest families in the quadrant.

When the ships came, they confirmed the stories that we had come from the stars and about why the elder elders had destroyed all the technology they came with. They said they were re-connecting us with the universe and that some of us could go back with them and start learning about that which we had been cut off from.

Mr Santiago took me aside and told me I was like a son to him. He urged me to go and promised to take care of ma for me, I spoke to ma and she agreed. I didn’t have the brains to go to university, but the military academy accepted me in a heartbeat and showed me wonders I could never have dreamed of, they not only taught me about technology but they also taught me about fighting and weapons. I was then accepted into the marines.

The marines was a lot like the work I did for Mr Santiago, but on a much larger scale and for a wider variety of reasons. I gained a 3rd family we were always there for each other to protect each other and teach each other. I made a bit of a name for myself with the marines and my superiors and got recommended for a tour with the special forces

This section has been removed for confidentiality reasons

After my time in the special forces I decided to leave the military, I felt maybe I could give something back to my town if the form of law enforcement. Unfortunately the people that killed my father had died in a horse stampede when trying to rustle them from a nearby town. I quickly rose to the rank of Sergeant, before I started to miss the freedom of space.

Jebediah 'Jeb' Arison (DECEASED)

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