Bradley Trask (DECEASED)

Ex-Soldier Turned Bounty Hunter.


Age: 41
Race: Human
Homeworld: Nashazi
Homeworld Data:-

Starport: X
Size: Small
Atmosphere: Dense
Hydrographics: Desert
Gravity: 0.8
Population: Low
Government: Moderate
Law Level: Moderate
Tech Level: Pre-Industrial


Str: A
Agl: 6
Con: C
Int: 9
Edu: 6
Chr: 5
Psi: 0
Soc: 6

Initiative: 5

Derived Values:-
Weight: 96kg
Load: 69kg
Throw Range: 40m
UCD: 5

Hit Capacity (Base):-

Head: 24
Chest: 69
Abdomen: 46
Right Arm: 46
Left Arm: 46
Right Leg: 46
Left Leg: 46


1 Journalist
4 Military
1 Mercenary
1 Law Enforcement

Was in charge of the Ship’s Cargo Manifest.

Bradley Trask (DECEASED)

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