Alexius Djedi (Abducted)

Ex Military Pilot turned Mercenary. His body was badly scarred in an energy pack explosian, possibly a ticking psionic time bomb, Now alien resident.


Age: 41
Race: Human
Homeworld: Danbooloth
Homeworld Data:-
Starport: B
Size: Large
Atmosphere: Standard
Hydrographics: Wet
Gravity: 2+G
Population: Moderate
Government: Moderate
Law Level: Moderate
Tech Level: Early Stellar

Str: A
Agl: 4
Con: 6
Int: A
Edu: 8
Chr: 6
Psi: 0
Soc: 7

Initiative: 5

Derived Values:-
Weight: 104kg
Load: 48kg
Throw Range: 40m
UCD: 5

Hit Capacity (Base):-

Head: 12
Chest: 48
Abdomen: 32
Right Arm: 32
Left Arm: 32
Right Leg: 32
Left Leg: 32


8 Military


A former servant of a royal house on another planet somewhere else Alexiuos Djedi has found himself stranded far away from home after completing a mission for his respective house.

He has joined the crew of the venture as a means of finding a way home.

if He survives….

he has proven himself useful as a pilot, but finds himself operating the ships gunnery systems.

He is most skilled with rifles especially energy based ones.

Djedi’s first adventure with the crew was when he was assigned bodygaurd and driver duties for Nicholas Chronos for a meeting he was having with a certain group where after the meeting they discovered they were being followed after a short chase and seemingly losing them they holed up in a a fairly empty warehouse, the people in question quickly tracked them down and a fight ensued with the crew of the venture against the merceneries who were chasing after them.

This was probably due the bounty that had been put on the head of chronos.

Djedi took down two of the mercanaries with shots from his laser rifle and seemed like the fight might go thier way until the powerpack for his energy rifle overloaded causing a small explosian, Scarring him badly from the chest down on his right side, despite this Djedi fought on but ultimatly it was Arison who carried the day.

afterwards they raided the bodies and took the bodies of chronos who had died during the fight but seemingly not from any weapon based injuries, and trask who had joined the venture at the same time as djedi, but as they were making funeral preperations, (involving taking everything off of the corpses and flushing the bodies out of the airlock) the body of Nicholous Chronos came out of the freezer apparently very much alive.

While Djedi was disturbed by this revelation he assumed it must have been some special psychic power and with chronos being the top (and only) medical officer on the ship Djedi needed to go to him for healing, Chronos then put Djedi into a state of unconsiousnes for reasons Djedi didn’t understand but assumed must have been pain releif.

When he awoke Djedi found himself strapped to a table in what seemed to be the ships airlock, and couldn’t get free.

Feeling very confused Djedi later found out that Chronos had gone insane and had tried to perform some sort of medical experiment on Djedi, but had luckily been thwarted in his efforts by the heroism of Arison.

Weirdly enough a little while after this, Djedi felt a touch of light headidness, but it soon passed, must be an after effect of the drugs.

Some time passed and some mishaps befell Djedi and the rest of the venture crew, it all started after cormac went into the swamps of a planet they had recently arrived on to look for someone who could teach her something.

Some trouble broke out and Cormac and Fall suddenly found themselves under fire from the crazed natives!

Djedi and Giscord quickly departed to come to her aid, they managed to rescue her and Fall safely. Although Fall had gained some bad injuries and would need medical attention. Also upon taking off from the swamp thier was a creek of metal and then a breaking sound as the dropship pulled free of it’s landing gear which resulted in a hectic landing at a repair port.

They got Cormac and Fall safely to a hopsital.

Whilst the repairs on the landing craft were underway they received a call form firenze and Arison, the ship was under attack from an unknown group!

They immediatly got Fall and Cormac out of the hopsital and rushed the dropship out of the hanger and into space to the ships rescue.

Upon finding the venture they were shocked at how much damage the ship had sustained in the time they were on the planet.

A signaficant portian of it had been blown off it what could only have been done by missile bombardment or a nuke!

The ship was missing it’s hold and the doors to the hanger had been melted shut, and most importantly they had lost the engines and judgiong from the lack of lighting the generaters as well.

luckily the enemy ship had not noticed them and they were able to get close enough to the venture and attempt a rescue of the 2 crew members who were currently on board, although chances of actually rescuing the ship were slim at best.

Djedi remained with the shuttle while the rest of the crew attempted the rescue operation.

after a hectic fight they managed to get to the bridge where Firenze was safely holed up, he informed them that Arison had died in one of the nuclear explosians that had hit the ship.

After getting Firenze out of the bridge which was not easy as it was the only part of the ship which still had air which almost caused mutliple suit ruptures as Firenze got shot out opf the door like a canonball.

After fighting off somemore of the mysterious group and some discussion they decided they would attempted a boarding action of thier own on the enemy ship using thier own boarding ramp against them.

However when they located it, they found it had detatched and was heading back towards the ship, everyone VERY quickly got back to the shuttle, where Djedi was immediatly informed that the venture was going to be shot at again, probably with another nuke.

The sped away with all haste, they took one last look at the ship that had been thier home for months and thier jobs going up in a big ball of fire.

Djedi with some skill and a lot of luck performed an emergency landing in one of the planets lakes, where they were eventually rescued and taken to the planets hospital.

after some recuperation they finally foun thier captain Jake and informed him of the ships fate, Jake suspected that the attack had probably been launched by the same people who were after him, and that it would be best to part ways, Jake then went off to begin hios search for the ship he had been lookinbg for.

the group then went to a cafe to discuss what should be done with the shares they had all accumulated and whether anyone wanted to investthe shares in another ship and start again or to get the money back from the shares and go thier seperate ways.

It was at this point that they were suddenly arrested by an armed enforcer group.

He was placed in a holding cell with the rest of the crew save Jake who it seemed had evaded capture.

the gaurds came for them and one by one they were taken to an interrigation room, eventually Djedi was brought in.

He had his personal histroy read out to him, and was offered leniency and a way back home in exchange for giving up information on any crimes the crew of the venture had commited as well as any information pertaining to the whereabouts of chronos who had died and another man by the name of Daradore Plisket, a man whom Djedi had never personally encountered although he had assumed had either died or left prior to his coming aboard the venture.

more questions would have been asked of Djedi but at that moment he began to feel a little weird, this was immediatly followed by massive amounts of pain along with a terrible rage, he grabbed the table and threw it onto it’s top (this table had been nailed to the floor!) and immedialty started bashing the floor creating two sizable craters in the floor.

At this point security came in and started beating him with rods, one of these bashed him in the head, casuing him to fall into the blissful slumber of unconsciousness.

Djedi then woke up in a hospital room where for some reason he was very angry and his heart was beating like he had run a 200 metre track and in addition to these things he felt very, very hungry , he was approached by people who meant him harm, after that a red mist descended over his eyes he dimly felt imapacts on his body and was sure he also heard screaming then he felt an impact and then a stinging sensation in his body where he passed into unconsciousness again but at least the hunger had abated.

he then woke up yet again in an interation room where he was being questioned by one of his crew mates, firenze!

Firenze told djedi he had gone berzerk in the hospital and had killed 3 gaurds and 2 patient, one of them being an old woman, whom he had frightend to death by eating her dinner, and for some reason Firenze was asking him about his psychic potential?

Djedi had little answers for Firenze knowing very little about how he had ended up this way himself, at the orders of duke Ferris he was taken away by gaurds to a stasis cell where he was to be kept until something could be done with him.

It was as he approached the room with the stasis cell that he suddenly felt strange, this wird sensation culminated in a headache and a shockwave for which Djedi was the epicentre which sent the gaurds falling to the floor where they seemed to fallinto unconsciousness, he then heard a voice inside his head “they mean you harm”.

Not quite knowing what was going on, he immediatly took the arms and armour of one of the gaurds of the prison, he then moved through the prison, a while later the alarm started sounding.

It seemed his disappearence had been discovered, He snuck past a security room, luckily the gaurds hadn’t noticed his presence, he then sought out the exit and found, the main baracks of the prison gaurds, they didn’t immediatly move to club him down though? why?

He looked downn and realised he was wearing the same armour as them, he managed to move past them unharrassed luckily. and found the exit!

He then walked out of the prison and into the alley where he found a sleeping hobo, he then exchanged his prison uniform and and armour for the clothes of the hobo, he had to give up the rifle as well as it was too visible to hide, he managed to secure the laser pistol he had scrounged from the gaurds earlier, he then left the hobo and searched the city for a way off world.

In order to successfully escape he would need funds to purchase passage with a pirate crew, he managed to discover that a casino had recently been closed down pending an investigation into an attack on the same duke that had imprisoned him, what luck!

He managed to find the casino and raided casino chips and a shotgun from the main office, he suddenly heard someone calling out his name, it sounded like Firenze.

Djedi moved carefully and quietly through the casino then botched up terribly and got spotted by Firenze, it seemed Firenze didn’t want to capture Djedi though, in fact he was willing to help him, he told Djedi to put a gun to the back of his head and walk over to a cashpoint where he withdrew a million credits for Djedi, he told Djedi to take the credits and run and never contact him again.

Djedi then ran.

Having recovered the chips djedi then set about looking for someone to sell them to, unfortunetly his pursuers had caught up with him, as soon as the soldiers broke in to the building the mob boss he had been dealing with immediatly accused Djedi of setting him up and shot him point blank in the head after that was darkness.

He then woke up again this time on an alien ship in a tank filled with fluid, where these strange winged insect/lizard people where doing something to him afer a while his crew mates and the duke were brought in and it was explained they were going to undo what had been done to him, and that he was going to live with them from now on.

The duke and Djedi’s crew mates agreed to this, he then went off with them and lived a happy life.

Alexius Djedi (Abducted)

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